We are very excited to announce open auditions for the musical 1776, to be presented on location at the historic John Jay Homestead, located in Katonah, NY. In the spirit of Hamilton (thank you LMM) ALL roles are open regardless of gender or ethnicity, however all roles are only available to those 13 years of age or older.  You do not need to be a resident of the Town of Bedford to participate.

Please be prepared to sing 16 bars (acapella or please provide your own accompaniment in a digital format) that will give us the scope of your vocal signature.  Please also be prepared to read the sides provided at the time of audition.

Below, please find character descriptions followed by an FAQ that should help with any questions you may have.  If you still have questions after reviewing this list, please feel free to email us directly at

Audition Schedule
Dates:  Monday April 3rd & Tuesday April 4th, 2017
Time:   7pm to 10pm
Location:  Bedford Community House (74 Main St, Bedford Hills, NY)

Rehearsal Schedule
Dates:  Beginning the 2nd week of May, 2017
Time:   8pm to 10pm
Location:  Nearby to Bedford Hills, NY

Performance Schedule
July 7th (6:30 PM)
July 8th (7:30 PM)
July 9th (5:00 PM)
Location:  John Jay Homestead (400 Jay St, Katonah, NY)

Below you have the ability to schedule your audition for 1776.  If there are any problems with the embedded signup below, please visit the booking page directly by clicking this link.

Leading Characters
  • John Adams – (40) force behind the creation of the Declaration of Independence…pushes hard and antagonizes almost everyone in Congress…“obnoxious and disliked” but committed to independence (8 songs)
  • Ben Franklin – (70) witty and playful and insightful, tends to be somewhat of a leveling influence in Congress…quick to quip but also acutely analytical (5 songs)
  • Richard Henry Lee – (44) Virginia aristocrat…ambling, enthusiastic and gregarious buffoon, full of energy and charm almost to the point of being overbearing (2 songs)
  • Edward Rutledge – (26) Good Looking, aristocratic and somewhat of a dandy…languid and sinuous with leonine grace cloaking a barely concealed force and fury (3 songs)
  • Thomas Jefferson – (33) tall, bright red hair…soft-spoken, contemplative and seemingly shy… quiet exterior masks an incisive mind (2 songs)
  • John Dickinson – (44) theatrical bursts of energy…stylish person of property, enjoys the good life… fiercely articulate champion and proponent of class (2 songs)
  • John Hancock – (39) caustic when irritated, intelligent but bored with the daily affairs of Congress (3 songs)
  • Abigail Adams – (32) warm with gentle understanding…dignified and resolute… intelligent with a sense of humor… inner serenity contrasting to John’s aggressiveness…anchor to their relationship (3 songs)
  • Martha Jefferson – (27) lovely, maidenly and playful with a bit of a vixen (1 song)
Supporting Characters


Dr. Josiah Bartlett (46)  /  Stephen Hopkins (69)  /  Roger Sherman (55)  /  Robert Livingston (60)  /  Lewis Morris (50)  /  Rev. John Witherspoon (53)  /  James Wilson (33)  /  Caesar Rodney (48)  /  Col. Thomas McKean (41–Scottish accent)  /  George Read (43)  /  Samuel Chase (35– Portly)  /  Joseph Hewes (46)  /  Dr. Lyman Hall (52)  /  Charles Thomson (47)  /  McNair (50)  /  Courier (13-20)  /  Leather Apron (age TBD)

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Where will auditions be held?
    Auditions will take place at the Bedford Hills Community House, located at 74 Main Street, Bedford Hills, NY.  Click here for detailed location and transportation info.


  • How old is the cast?
    BCT productions are for both adults and children! It’s one of the best things about being involved with BCT.  There is a place for everyone 8 years and older.


  • Will I need to sing?
    Yes, this is a musical after all! Please be prepared to sing 16 bars of a song that you know really well and that will show off your voice.  A song that reminds you of a song from the show you are auditioning for would be a good choice. But any song that you sing well is fine, even if its “Happy Birthday!” Bring sheet music for the piano accompanist if you have it.


  • What should I wear?
    Wear comfortable clothing and shoes, and be ready to dance a little.


  • Is there a chorus for the show and if so how do I participate?
    Yes, there is a chorus.  Please note that you do need to audition to be in the chorus and there is a fee for participation as mentioned below.


  • What should I bring?
    Please bring a photo of yourself if you have one handy. This does NOT need to be a professional head-shot, a snapshot or print out will do just fine.


  • Where do I sign up for auditions?
    We’re using an online sign-up system that is available lower on this page, or can be accessed directly by clicking this link.


  • What if all of the online auditions slots are filled up?
    If you can’t find an open slot that works for you, please email and explain the situation.  We will find a way to make it work.


  • I’m still unsure or not good with computers. Can I sign up another way?
    We highly encourage using the online system mentioned above since it makes it easier for everyone involved.  If there are extenuating circumstances please email us at and we’ll accommodate you.


  • I forgot or don’t want to sign up. Can I just show up for an audition?
    Yes, we will accept walk-in auditions. You may need to wait for an available slot to open up however, so please be patient.


  • I still have questions.. how can I ask them?
    No problem, email your questions to


  • What if I don’t get cast in the production- can I still get involved?
    Yes! Read below.  We need your help to make the show a stunning success!


  • I don’t want to audition, but I want to get involved. What do I do?
    Fantastic!  BCT is a volunteer organization and we need help!  There is tons to do, as described on our volunteer page.  Please review that page and contact us if you have interest in joining us- we’d love to hear from you!


  • Finally – relax and have fun!